2014-12.2: Backshop Clinic: Soldering tips

13 Dec 2014

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25:31 - December 2014 Act II - The Backshop Clinic: Soldering tips (2014)

Miles Hale returns to The Backshop Clinic with his toolbox to share useful tips on soldering with Lionel Strang.

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Great Backshop episode.  New to Model Railroading and I learned a lot.

Looking into how to solder before I never heard of sal ammoniac (sp?) !


Another Nice episode!!   One question   Was the big soldering machine the same thing as a resistance soldering machine? 

A very good episode again.

Sal Amoniac is Ammonium Chloride.  Having read the MSDS sheet, I would say that cutting it on a bandsaw is not safe.  One should avoid eye and skin contact as it is an irritant.  Avoid inhaling the dust from the product, do not ingest it obviously.

In my opinion, a better option for cleaning, tinning and reconditioning soldering iron tips is. MG Chemicals Tip Tinner.  It is a mixure of solder powder with oxide reducing compounds.  It does a great job and comes in a handy little tin.

The big "soldering machine" is a resistance soldering iron.  My father made one years ago that used a carbon rod from a battery as the iron, if I remmeber correctly.  Very useful where you need lots of heat quickly.

Throw that wet sponge away and use the tray to hold your tin of tip tinner!  The brass sponge is the best and only tip cleaner you need.

I mostly use fine resin core solder because it melts quickly yet still easy to control.  On the other hand, because of it's small diameter it has a minimal resin core.  When soldering rails I find it is sometimes too little flux so I keep some liquid resin flux in a small accordian style squeeze bottle with a  needle tip that I often use to place a little blob of flux prior to heating a joint.  It removes any oxides present, aids with the transfer of heat and helps the solder flow well.

P.S. I'm glad to see Miles using the adjustable soldering station.  That is a Weller, right?  I use the Weller adjustable station and have found it to be excellent for the money.  While not a digital temperature controlled station, it still provides a decent range of adjustment of tip temperature.

This is the best soldering video I've come across.  Thanks!

What a wealth of knowledge! I thought I was pretty versed in the art of soldering, but I learned quite a bit. Great episode. Thank you.