2014-11.4: TMTV November 2014 Edition - Act IV

28 Nov 2014

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32:53 - November 2014 Act IV - Back to the Basement: Laying track (2014)

It's time to lay some track! Miles Hale shows us his techniques for laying out and fastening pre-fabricated track and turnouts on the fifth episode of Back to the Basement.

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There are some really great tips on trackwork here. But there is a problem.

Ear protection - Good idea when using loud power tools - Thumbs up!

Eye protection - Noticably Missing :(  ...Please always use eye protection when you are using any tool with a spinning blade or bit!
Like Miles said; your eyes are your most important tool, lets remember to protect them.

Miles kept saying how important his eyes are  - yet no safety glassed when using tools.  I actually cringed when I saw him use the rotary tool with the cutoff wheel with no eye protection!  I have had cutoff disks shatter a number of times and one time the pieces hit my safety glasses square over my eye.  Without my glasses I would have been blinded in that eye!

Nuff said about saftey - the video was great and very helpful.  Keep them coming.......but with proper safety gear!

Richlawn Railroad

JamesS's picture

What is the brand of cordless drill you are using?

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Great episode! I had never considered the curvature in the straight side of a turnout before, but I sure will now!

I too am surprised about no safeety glasses when using the rotatry cutter, especially using the side of the wheel. 

They are right there on the bench!  Put them on!


Wonder why the Central Valley CVT track system is never mentioned. I have tried it and it very easy to get smooth flowing track. Their switch kits are also very nice.