2014-11.2: Building a module carrier

12 Nov 2014

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18:40 - November 2014 Act II - Roadshow-3: Module carrier (2014)

In the third instalment of The Roadshow, Pierre Oliver returns to the TrainMasters TV workshop to help Trevor build racks for transporting his modules.

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Love those goggles Trevor!

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Thanks Bill - it's all about the goggles!

They're actually legit - they are German safety goggles, from Lee Valley (www.leevalley.com). They'll stop a ball bearing flying at supersonic speed or somesuch...


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okay... Love those Blank, Bare, Woodstick Modules Trevor !    lol. :)

The goggles are on my Christmas List now - thanks for the info.

Looking forward to the next installment!

That's a practical and straightforward assembly Trevor.  I was a little surprised to see you using inches for measurement (somehow thinking that Canada was metrified to the same extent as here in Australia) but a little reseach advised you have a mixed imperial / metric bag over there.

On another note does the S scale Free-Mo standard you're working to require end plates to the underside of the roadbed like the HO version?




Technically, Canada is officialy under the metric system, but all of our building materials are in Imperial measure since we export so much to the US. And I'm old school enough to prefer working in Imperial measure for all building projects.

Pierre Oliver

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Hi Tim:

Glad you're enjoying following along with this.

Regarding your question about end plates to the underside of the roadbed. Yes - sort of. We've used various approaches for this. One of our members mills up some roadbed profile blocks out of wood, which we can glue in place on the interface points of our modules. Not everybody uses these, but I will be.

In addition, I will be adding a fascia to the modules to hide the wood, foam and other stuff behind a unified surface - and I'll be using the same fascia material on the ends of the modules to create a smooth surface for clamping.

That's in a future episode - keep watching!

- Trevor

I am liking this series. I see you are doing some hand laid track. Hopefully there will be a step by step or is that kinda outside of the scope of this series? Anyways, good work. Love that Pierre is a KISS fan!

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Hi Ryanbarnes2008:

The most recent segment of the series shows my techniques for laying track. Rather than repeat a lot of the standard instructions for hand-laying - which can be found in many magazine articles and (I suspect) online - I've shown some of the things that not everybody does. These include randomly distressing ties, using scale-sized etched steel spikes, and disguising PC board ties.

Hope you enjoy the episode. Cheers!

- Trevor