2014-10.4: TMTV October 2014 Edition - Act IV

05 Nov 2014

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19:53 - October 2014 Act IV - Back to the Basement: Subroadbed (2014)

In part 4 of our ongoing series "Back to The Basement", host Miles Hale demonstrates construction techniques for supporting your roadbed and track. 


Don't you just love technology :-)

Hooray, we now have Oct Act IV's technical issues behind us and here's the episode. This marks our 72nd TMTV-specific production since we rolled out TMTV one year ago!

Enjoy ...

Just wondering about how much this method weighs compared to Trevor and Pierre's module construction?  Possibly slightly easier construction method, with a bit more basic tools, but MAN that looks like a pile of wood in front of Miles!

Toni R.

Bill Brillinger's picture

Notice that Mile's actual layout is constructed in a manner that more resembles Trevors work. I think that speaks volumes.

What was the 4' x 8' sheet material used for the raised G scale surface. Thanks!


I can fully appreciate your preference for bass wood, but where do you purchase such large dimensional bass wood?