2014-10.2: TMTV October 2014 Edition - Act II

12 Oct 2014

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29:53 - October 2014 Act II - Backshop clinic: Switchman's class (2014)

Welcome to "Switchman's Class".  Miles Hale visits The Backshop Clinic to teach Lionel Strang about yard-crew hand signals, and suggests ways that these signals can be integrated into model railroad operating sessions.

Act III - Roadshow 2: benchwork ...

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Miles; You are a man of many talents and Lionel, you make it fun-  well done boys!

Much appreciated.

Jerry Fassnacht

Bill Brillinger's picture

Does Miles know he's not going to get the glove or timetables back?

Great episode guys!  It would be great to have a redux with modern terminology too.

Great show. Next episode show how to use hand signals on a layout, in operation settings. 


Thomas G

Very cool. Understanding the signals really helps me understand how the prototype railroad operates and much of it is tranferable to my railroad.

Not only is the video instructional but it's fun to watch as well. A very fast 29 minutes. Thanks guys.  

That was a fun diversion and interesting.  Lionel...when do we get to see your completed choreography for your Signal Pants dance?

Next time you need to wear your flourescent orange overalls  - Safety First in the yard!