2014-09.2: Free-Mo Roadshow series intro

14 Sep 2014

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9:28 - September 2014 Act II - New Free-Mo Roadshow series, 1 (2014)

A new series on TrainMasters TV!

Trevor Marshall is building a set of Free-Mo modules for an upcoming train show.  He has only a few weeks to develop, design, build and scenic this project, and he'll share his experience through each step in the process.  In episode one, he outlines the project and shares the reasons for his choices, some of which are a bit unconventional.  Whether you've built portable modules in the past or are just thinking about constructing a modular layout, you'll find the information in this series invaluable.

In Act III: Dick Joyce's HO-scale Ingleside and Oakdale Railroad ...

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Can't wait for the next installment in this series.  Trevor, Pierre and the S Scale workshop crew are a real inspiration for modelers in any scale!


I really like Mr. Marshall's easy-to-listen-to commentary and the way he's presented his inspiration for his modules. I, too am eagerly awaiting the rest of the series, and I'm sure I'll find many things of interest and some techniques I can utilize. Good work, Trevor!

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Thanks to both of you for the kind words - much appreciated!

There are lots of great ways to build modules (or home layouts for that matter) - and in this series, I'm going do demonstrate a few things that have worked for me in the past. I'm also going to experiment with some things I've never before tried on a module. I hope the successes - and the failures, if there are any - will be good lessons for others. Or, at the very least, entertaining!


- Trevor


  Trevor Marshall

  Port Rowan in 1:64

  An S scale study of a Canadian National Railways branch line ... in its twilight years


This was terrific Trevor. NIce to see my local station and beer store on TV.

Ready for the woodworking and scenery next.

Really enjoyed the segment Trevor.  Will be very interested to see how you tackle the farm scenery and different textures.  As a lapsed American prototype modeller (Union Pacific in Idaho), now mostly British Railways (North Eastern) in luscious green rural Yorkshire, and also having modelled in S scale (though Queensland Railways in Australia in Sn3 1/2), your modules will have just about everything I have an interest in!



Looking forward to the next installment. 




Great presentation. You proposed approach is practical and realistic as it involves prevailing on your environment to model the module. If you aren't sure of a result as you build its easy to go look and see to make changes or improvements. When is the next instalment? 

Excellent screen presence...great addition to TMTV. Looking forward to the next installment. And dogs to boot!

Well done Trevor and Barry.  This and "Back to the Basement" have, so far, been great - and practical - additions to this channel

Matt Goodman
Columbus, OH

I'm not so sure that Trevor doesn't narrate for CBC!! ;-)  You really keep our attention and are a pleasure to listen to.  Having 2 BC sisters and just losing my best buddy Jack who was their brother, it was wonderful watching Motion (I believe his name was) doing the thing that they were born for.  Thank you, Trevor.  Best, Andy Keeney