2014-07.4: TMTV July 2014 Edition - Act IV

01 Aug 2014

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18:31 - July 2014 Act IV - Back to the basement - Episode 1 (2014)

In this new TrainMasters TV series "Back to the Basement", master model railroader Miles Hale takes you step-by-step through the process of constructing a basement layout, explaing some of your options and showing you the pros and cons of different approaches to building. Even seasoned modelers will learn a thing or two from this series!

In the first segment, Miles discusses layout room design and show us techniques for creating seamless backdrops, as well as a method for painting clouds on the walls in record time.

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Great tips. Curving those corners is really a great tip. If you are retired and know that your aren't going to be moving AND you have the dedicated room to set aside for pure layout space. I look forward to retiring someday :) The cloud tips were great. I'll be trying that soon. Thanks.

Miles and Crew.    

  Glad to see this series start.  It happens we're just about ready to do our background so this was timely.  We'll probably use the cloud technique at the very least.


  See you at the Narrow Gauge Convention!



I really, really liked this segment!  Very helpful hints - well done!

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Perfect timing!  We're in the process of buying a new home that offers a basement space for a long time wanted railroad. The first episode has already offered great insight and ideas for planning a complete railroad room. Looking foward to the rest of the episodes as I will hopefully be following the same foot steps in due time.


I'm certainly glad I've got a subscription.

I've learnt so much in the past 3 years on MRH & now TMV. 




AKA alexedwin

A Home Run.  Designing my third layout and am really looking forward to watchng the series.

Great new series.

This is an awesome series. Looking forward to future shows.....



Thanks for such a helpful and well presented segment.

Ths is a definite keeper!  Great segment ! I hope you stick with it for a long time.

This is another reason why TMTV is the best thing going!

Miles and John,


I love that you are part of Trainmasters now. I've enjoyed your videos and the time I went to the MRU Masters Program at Amhearst was great. I look forward to more from you.

Barry Rosier

Excellent video!!! That's easily one of the best I've seen yet

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This cloud painting video alone was worth the price of my 3 year subscription ! Great ideas and watching the technique Miles uses makes it easy to understand and apply.

Thank you so much for making the curves in the corner look so easy.  I am going to change my corner with luan set vertical as described in the video.  This is the first I've seen in this series.  Great job.


Wow! You made that look so easy, I might have a go myself. Probably learnt as much about backdrops in that five-minute clip as I have in several years of reading about it.

Thanks guys for sharing your cloud painting Technique! I'm going to paint my backdrop
in the next week or so, and I had been pulling my hair out trying to find something that
was simple, yet looked great... well, this is it!

Your clouds look great, very convincing, and I can't wait to get started on mine! Mine should
be much faster though, I've only got an 8' long shelf layout.  ;)