2014-07.3: TMTV July 2014 Edition - Act III

14 Jul 2014

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21:36 - July 2014 Act II - Streamliners at Spencer - Part 2 (2014)

In May of 2014, the North Carolina Transportation Museum gathered together 26 classic locomotives from around the United States for a four-day spectacular called "Streamliners at Spencer".  Enjoy a parade of color and motion as F-units, E-units, ALCOs, and one famous steam locomotive congregate at the museum grounds at this historic event.

TrainMasters TV's crew shot ten hours of footage with two cameras during the event, and the result is this exclusive three-part documentary made just for railfans.

In part two, we visit the museum's locomotive wash crew as they hose down the first F-unit built, FT #103.  We profile two important locomotives:  Wabash #1189, the last F-7 built by GMD in Canada, and Doyle McCormack's Nickel Plate #190, destined to become the last operable PA-1 on the planet.  The day ends with an evening photo shoot.

Part three of the documentary will air in August.

Coming in Act IV: The first installment of TMTV's new layout-building series, Back to the Basement, with Miles Hale.


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Wow, really quiet on these two Streamliners at Spencer videos. Are they really that ho-hum that they don't warrant any comments?

It was an awesome event and y'all really captured the stories and uniqueness of the day...is there a way to purchase these documentaries?

Yes, the plan is to be taking all three segments and putting them into a single DVD or Blu-Ray and making them available to purchase. TMTV subscribers will get a discount.

Don't worry about that Joe.  This is a first rate presentation, far outstripping anything of the sort available here in the UK.

Keep it up!


Does it count that I'm a steam fan, headed for Spencer to see these streamliners on the strength of the videos?

Excellent work.

Zen like.. I had a wee lol on that one. ;-)  But if you get a bunch of F units on a stormy night at the roundhouse for a photo shoot.... Yeah, you're going to get some Zen happeing.