2014-07.2: TMTV July 2014 Edition - Act II

13 Jul 2014

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15:11 - July 2014 Act II - Streamliners at Spencer - Part 1 (2014)

In May of 2014, the North Carolina Transportation Museum gathered together 26 classic locomotives from around the United States for a four-day spectacular called "Streamliners at Spencer".  Enjoy a parade of color and motion as F-units, E-units,  ALCOs, and one famous steam locomotive congregate at the museum grounds at this historic event.

TrainMasters TV's crew shot ten hours of footage with two cameras during the event, and the result is an exclusive three-part documentary made just for railfans.

In Act III: Streamliners at Spencer, part two. 

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Not a single comment? Really?

They are really beautiful. 2oth Century industrial art at its' finest. Thanks for bringing this event to us, otherwise I just wouldn't be able to see and enjoy these steel ladies.

I wish I was there. They were designed for beauty as well as function.


I enjoyed this look at the event at Spencer. Oddly enough, I will be geting married on the turntable this fall We can't wait 

Nice - Make sure and send us a picture! Email to feedback@trainmasters.tv ... we'd love to see the wedding photo on the Spencer NC turntable ...