2014-06.1: Michel Boucher's Delaware & Hudson

08 Jun 2014

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17:59 - June 2014 Act I - Michel Boucher's Delaware & Hudson (2014)

Take a tour of Michel Boucher's HO-scale Adirondack Branch of the Delaware & Hudson.

Supplemental documents to accompany this video:

  1. Layout schematic
  2. Track plan

Also coming in June:

  1. Tom Wilson on steel making and railroading
  2. New York ALCOs on Ken's Roundhouse
  3. An Operation Party in Barry's Backyard

And much more!

In Act II: Tom Wilson's Steel-Making Infrastructure on MyLayout / New York Alcos in Ken's Roundhouse ...

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Your layout is exceptional. And you sure hit the nail on the head with your comment about the prices !!!

It's becoming a real problem for me.... Thanks for the look it was GREAT.

I have to agree with your comment about the prices today.  At the rate the companies are going they will price themselves out of the market and modlers will do more scratch building.  Cars that cost 3 to 5 dollars in 1980 should only be 9 to 15 dollars today with inflatiion especially since they are either built in 3rd world countries like China or the parts are made there.

Not forgetting what the average wage was back in 1980.  I think the ratio is aboiut right. Considering 1980 is actually 34 years ago. What was $5-$7 then would of been 90c 34 years prior. Have a look at the ads in old MR issues. The double page AMC ads for example.
Also look at the quality of the product. Even the basic kits have more detail than the old Blue Boxes.
I think there is a definite trend to smaller layouts with shorter trains for all sorts of reasons, one of which is space.Another is time. I think there are still loads of modellers out there who will fill a spare room cupboard with unbuilt kits.
 To my mind, it is all relative.

btw, this layout was very impressive. Well thought out and operated. 8-)

Awesome layout love d&h, and seen ng a home town based layout brings back memorys