2014-04.3: TMTV Apr 2014 Edition - Act III

18 Apr 2014

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15:45 - Apr 2014 Act III - Legend in high speed passenger rail (2014)

In 1981, VIA Rail introduced the Light, Rapid and Comfortable trainsets for service in the Windsor to Quebec City corridor in Canada.  Ken Goslett, with the help of his pointer-friend "Victor", profiles a legend in the world of high-speed passenger rail:  the LRC locomotive.

Coming up in Act IV:  The Fn3 Sundance Central


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I remember the first time I saw one of these trains in the 80's just outside of Kingston. It went by so fast, I nearly fell over.

Question: What's with the cable sneaking out of the forward grille down the carbody to above the forward truck? It seems really vulnerable. I thought it might just be on the museum unit, but I noticed a similar cable in the runby video footage too.

Very interesting and informative. Thanks Ken. 

Did the LRC ever run out in western Canada?  


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My boys and I remember these units very well! We lived just east of Guildwood Station along the Toronto - Montreal corridor. The boys used to run when they heard the crossing gate bell, to catch a glimpse of the shinny new streamlined train. We thought it was great and we have talked about how to replicate it for our layout. 


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We thought it was great and we have talked about how to replicate it for our layout. 

You're in luck.... Rapido to the recue. http://www.rapidotrains.com/scllrc.html

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Okay so the "Hamberger Helper" Pointer is a bit cornball BUT - this has to be one of the best features on TMTV.  More of Ken's Roundhouse please!  

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stanfranssen42: I asked a few people about the LRCs in western Canada, and the only information I could find was that someone had seen a photo of the LRC demonstrator taken between Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta.

Barry Silverthorn

TrainMasters TV

Thats a beautyful locomotive and train set. Deffinatly ahead of its time.

Leonard Lee Davis