2014-04.2: What ever happened to the NEB&W?

15 Apr 2014

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15:50 - Apr 2014 Act II - What ever happened to the NEB&W? (2014)

In the 1990’s, the Rensselaer Model Railroad Society was one of the best-known model railroad clubs in North America.  While the club hasn’t had a substantial public presence in the last decade, there’s still plenty going on in the basement of the Davison Hall dorm.  Veteran member John Nehrich discusses what the club is up to nowadays.

In Act III:  Ken’s Roundhouse, featuring the LRC locomotive.

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Outstanding!  One of the best videos that I've ever seen!

Bill Brillinger's picture

Yeah! Best story yet, well done!  What a great legacy.

Well-photographed and nicely described. I like the way the interview and layout scenes are intercut.  Would be nice to have an aerial view or a trackplan to better show the scope of the project.  Very good length for casual viewing.

All of the above.

Plus it was a real eye opener as to what can be achieved. 

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And nice to see a club in a position to train next-generation modelers! Goes to show you there *are* some who do their part to give the hobby a future!

Love the layout, and the tour. I believe in the concept of what can be accomplished with a large club. I belong to one myself. Only thing I didn't care for was the helicopter views. Would prefer more realistic viewing and operations. Thanks for sharing. John Colley, Sonoma, CA

I've read the articles about this layout over the years and always felt that we were only getting a small fraction of the bigger picture. This episode certainly gave a clearer picture both metaphoricaly and literally.
 I'm modelling a pretty much generic north eatern urban area so the structures are my primary interest. Thanks for the close ups of these. it has given me some new ideas. (I'm in a rutt right now...)

Is there anywhere that I can get more of idea on what and how they made some of the brick buildings?