2014-04.1: TMTV Apr 2014 Edition - Act I

07 Apr 2014

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12:20 - Apr 2014 Act I - Backshop Clinic intro: extreme weathering (2014)

On the April 2014 edition of TrainMasters TV:

- Extreme freight car weathering with Ralph Renzetti in The Backshop Clinic.
- Whatever happened to the New England, Berkshire and Western, the student club at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute?
- Ken’s Roundhouse profiles a legend in the world of high-speed passenger rail, the LRC.
- And a spectacular model display in Florida that you can visit.

Bonus content this month:
- More Backshop Clincs featuring Ralph Renzetti's extreme weathering of locomotives and rolling stock
- Hot Trains: Alcomania (Railfanning Charlie Comstock's Bear Creek & South Jackson), from the Model Trains Video DVD archives

In Act II: The New England, Berkshire and Western model railroad

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I have searched Ralph Renzetti and I cannot find the bonus material...

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The first of three parts has been posted.  Try here:




Extreme weathering shows up twice: alone and then the monthly preview continues with it. You need to tighten up. I'm not impressed, especially given the knocks you deliver about MRVP. That doesn't happen over there.

We wanted to show a sampling of Extreme Weathering in the monthly main show, and then also have bonus content that expands on the topic. However, we're starting to agree with you - we're thinking the Backshop Clinic works better as bonus content rather than main show content. Trying to put what amounts to an intro to a Backshop topic in the main show is apparently confusing viewers and leaving them feel like the topic is being covered in too cursory of a manner.

So in short, splitting up the Backshop clinic between bonus content and the main show was an experiment that we'll not be repeating going forward - so I think we agree with you.

As for us knocking MRVP, we (TMTV and MRH staff) don't like to knock MRVP - they have their way of doing things and their reasons for doing it, and we have our way of doing things, and our reasons, which are different. We happen to like our approach better. In the April MRH, we published comments from a Model Rail Radio Facebook thread comparing MRVP and TMTV. While we thought the comparison was interesting, it was the opinions of others, and not the official position or opinion of MRH.

Our officlal position is that MRVP is more self-promotional in approach, with almost all guests being Kalmbach employees. About 30% of MRVP is pure MR advertising and promotion, and the rest is "look at what MR's staff can tell you about trains and modeling them." Meanwhile, TMTV is all about bringing in guests from the hobby at large with minimal "staff" presence other than as hosts to guide the conversation. TMTV also does viritually zero self-advertising or promotion.

So if you like MRVP's more "house organ" approach to their content, then great - that's certainly a very legitimate way to do a model railroading video channel on the internet. If you like TMTV's approach where we focus on the modeler and not the MRH/TMTV staff, then great, that's also a very legitimate way to do an internet streaming video channel for model railroading.

Here at TMTV we allow you to rate our videos and we read all comments and we take any critical comment to heart and try to do something to make it better. We like to think your feedback matters here on TMTV and on the MRH website.

Watching a video is the best way for me to learn how to realistically weather rolling stock and engines.  I have read many written articles on the subject, but a verbal description with still images just doesn't convey (to me) the skill set necessary to take my modeling to a higher level. Thanks for sharing! ;-)