2014-03.2: End of The Line: Dismantling a layout

15 Mar 2014

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22:23 - Mar 2014 Act II - End of The Line: Dismantling a layout (2014)

Sooner or later, every layout-building project comes to an end.  Three layout owners share their regrets and future plans as they dismantle their railroads, and we gain valuable insights from their experiences.


- Lionel Strang, Allegheny & Lackawanna Southern
- Bob Helm, Virginia Southwestern
- Marty McGuirk, Southern New England

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In Act III: A New York club layout for everybody.

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Thanks for this, incredibly helpful.

Lionel sums it up nicely by saying you can have just as much fun building a small layout.

Very poingnant, yet uplifting, segment wtih great insights.  Hopefully you will get a chance to follow along these talented modelers as they rebuild!  Nicely done all, and thanks for sharing!


Wow…a very moving segment. This is a subject that’s very seldom covered, but just like “death and taxes”, all model railroads will someday come down. I’m impressed by the courage these guys had in making the big leap to de-construct great layouts with thousands of hours invested in them.
In addition, my hat’s off to Barry and the crew! If you step back and look at the quality of this production - from the script, to the quality of the video production (lighting, sound, camera work, editing), it just doesn’t get any better. We are very lucky to have a professional like Barry in the hobby.

so glad I watched this. think I'll stick with something smaller that I can operate myself.

I get an access denied error when I use the Play video button. The alternative player works.

I get an access denied error when I use the Play video button. The alternative player works.

It's the Firefox browser. We don't recommend Firefox with this website - their browser simply doesn't work with some of our older videos - but they play fine in other browsers.

We will be moving to an all new video hosting platform here soon and that will eliminate the problems with Firefox. But in the meantime, use another browser with TMTV - it's just one of those things - we don't control what browsers do, unfortunately.

I'll give that a try if run into any more problems. Thank you:-)