2014-02.4: TMTV Feb 2014 Edition - Act IV

22 Feb 2014

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12:59 - Feb 2014 Act IV - The Amherst Railroad Hobby Show, part 4 (2014)

In part 4 of our Special Report on the Amherst Railroad Show, host Miles Hale visits a beautifully-detailed F-scale sectional layout, discusses software and lighting products, and we wrap up with a look at the largest layout at the Amherst show.

Bonus content: Backdrop painting parts 3 and 4, Mike Confalone Allagash Story interview part 1, and also some of Mike's methods for building roads and parking lots, as well as weathering and ballasting track.


like all the videos but was part 3 and 4 the same video?


Acts III and IV of the Feb show, or parts 3 and 4 of the Backdrop Painting segment? Just want to be very sure what parts you think are duplicated ...

I had the same problem.  If one uses the alternate player, Act III runs instead of Act IV.  Using the regular player solved the problem.   Great job, very entertaining.

Alternate player link pointed to Act III instead of Act IV. It's now fixed.