2014-01.3: TMTV Jan 2014 Edition - Act III

19 Jan 2014

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12:49 - Jan 2014 Act III - Oak Ridge Horn Honk, part 2 (2014)
Part two of a two-part documentary.

In Part two of our documentary on the Oak Ridge Horn Honk, collectors discuss the responsibility of owning locomotive air horns, our TrainMasters TV cameraman reveals that he is a bit of a horn collector himself, and participants bid on the chance to have their horns featured on a special excursion.

Coming up in Act !V:  Garden railroading in Barry's Backyard.

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I have to say to all the Nay-Sayers out there who complain about the price of this.  You are missing out on great learning tool and having a fun time. Each time I watch these segments I learn so much from them and I am amazed by the HD format, the questions, and the people in the segements.


Did I mention that it is fun as well.

The two "horn honk" segments are about as far away from my modeling/prototype interests as one could get. That being said I really enjoyed both segments and found out things I never knew about horns and horn honking in general! I am really enjoying the videos and the format of shorter segments. Great job TMTV! HONK HONK.

Thanks, Ernie.

TMTV will be doing more things that are core model railroading as well ... But we will continue to do special documentaries like this that expand your understanding of railroading in new ways like the horn honk segments. As a result you will have a greater appreciation for little things about trains that you've been taking for granted.

One point about this kind of documentary, you can show this to you non model railroading friends and they too will find it entertaining and have little more appreciation for why you find trains so fascinating. We also hope TrainMasters helps make the hobby more respectable to the general public.

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