2014-01.2: TMTV Jan 2014 Edition - Act II

12 Jan 2014

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12:06 - Jan 2014 Act II - Oak Ridge Horn Honk, part 1 (2014)
Part one of a two-part documentary.
Whether you own a set of locomotive air horns, or just like the sound of them, The Oak Ridge Horn Honk is THE place to go.  It's more fun than a tail-gate party at a NASCAR weekend, and twice as loud. Grab your hearing-protection and join us.

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There is a campground we visit yearly and it is next to a major Interstate Highway. At least twice during the time we are there an independent trucker drives by and blows the Union Pacific horn he has mounted on the cab. I enjoy it but I know some do not.

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This is an important aspect of being a horn owner that the collectors talk about in part two of the documentary.