2013-12.6: TMTV Dec 2013 Bonus - More Cass footage

31 Dec 2013

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8:02 - Dec 2013 Bonus - Extra Cass Railroad footage (2013)

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The December 2013 edition of TrainMasters TV features a story on Whistlemaker Mike Daugherty. His whistles can be heard on one of America's best-known tourist railroads, the Cass Scenic Railroad in West Virginia. The TrainMasters crew spent a day at Cass Scenic recording the sights and sounds of trains as they climbed Cheat Mountain. This video includes footage that was not used in the original story.


Excellent video.  Now I have to add the Cass to my list.

Wow! I love that whistle.I can just imagine it on an early morning, echoing through the mountains.

Chris "Topher" Long