2013-12.3: TMTV Dec 2013 Edition - Act III

21 Dec 2013

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17:12 - Dec 2013 Act III - Mike Daugherty, Whistlemaker (2013)

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Whistlemaker Mike Daugherty has built over 1700 whistles based on original drawings dating back to the age of steam.  We visit his shop as he creates a 3-chime whistle for a customer, and then hear one of his sirens on one of America's best-known tourist railroads.

In Act IV: Gail and Greg Whayman share their modeling projects on MyLayout.

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Hmmmm....makes me want to scrap my modern layout for a steam driven one. Not fair.


I must admit I was flat wrong.  First seeing this it was sorta ho-hum.  After watching it I realized I really enjoyed it.  Getting one of those whistles would be a dream.  The sounds bring back memories and the way it was filmed showing the locomotives that used them was first rate.


TMV is worth every cent and then some!