2.4: Siskiyou Line - Mushroom benchwork

24 Oct 2013

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10:41 - Model Railroad Mushroom benchwork construction (2005)

The ultimate multideck model railroad layout configuration today is the 'mushroom'. Using a 3D fly-through computer model of his model railroad, Joe Fugate describes how the mushroom gives a multideck train layout that looks single-decked. Joe also describes how a mushroom train layout's raised floor is constructed. Since a raised floor must support people, its construction must be solid and well executed, as this chapter demonstrates. You can see for yourself how it all works, thanks to the 3D graphical magic of modern computers.

Note: This video was originally shot in older Standard Definition and then upsampled to HD for TMTV. As a result, the image is softer than is typical for TrainMasters native HD video.


The audio is very quiet on this clip

when building the raised walkway portion, you might try using a construction adhesive like PL 200 or a low VOC equivelent. and deck or flooring screws. however its unlikely that you'd ever get rid of the squeaks completely or forever.