1.2: Siskiyou Line - Layout concept

13 Oct 2013

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7:39 - Modeling a prototype railroad - an example. (2004)

Many consider state-of-the-art in the hobby today to be modeling a prototype road. We look at how Joe Fugate has modeled the prototype Southern Pacific Siskiyou Line, learn how Joe fit the prototype route into his basement, and where he took modeler's license to get it all to work.

Note: This video was originally shot in older Standard Definition and then upsampled to HD for TMTV. As a result, the image is softer than is typical for TrainMasters native HD video.


Excellent design and the best explanation of the "mushroom" concept. Unfortunately I have neither garage not basement here in California.

Back in the Early 70's I spent a lot of time working on Bob Morris's HO west slope of the Cascate Willamette pass line. It was a total spagetti bowl winding around a large inactive furnace in the center of the basement in his house on Missouri street in San Francisco.

Those were the days of brass code 100 fiber tie track and the early Athearn flywheel SD45's. We built our own elephent ear radiator covers to keep up to date.  Getting a 20 car train with two SD45's up to Crescent Lake was a real accomplishment. 86' TOFC cars derailed like mad on the 28" curves. I was working for PFE at the time and trying to create models of the new RP70 reefers from basswod sides and carved wood roofs.

Bob had a cousin who was an SP Police force cop and we would arrange to have him come by and check things out during an operating session with guests.

Ken Adams, Walnut Creek.