1. Why do I get an error message when trying to play videos?

We do not support video playback with the Internet Explorer browser on Windows. IE has gone onto seriously limited life-support by Microsoft as of 2016 and goes completely off support by January 2020.

Please use Microsoft's new Edge browser, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari (Apple devices). We fully support these browsers on versions up to five years old. If you keep your browser current and if you avoid the ancient and buggy IE browser, playback should work fine for you.

If you're still using IE, time to retire that old dinosaur browser and move to something current. Since browsers are free, it only makes sense to finally get off IE.


2. How do I find when my membership expires?

If you log in and visit your Dashboard > Purchases page (/account/purchases), you will find your next billing date listed below your membership plan information.

If you wish to auto-renew when that date comes, you need to enter your credit card info on the billing page.

We will send you a reminder email in advance of that date, and will be notified after the fact if the billing fails. We will retry the billing and if it still fails after 7 days then your membership will automatically be cancelled.

3. What are your password rules?

  1. Password length: Minimum of 6 characters with a maximum of 128 characters.

  2. Blanks or special characters: No blanks, but there are no limits on the special characters allowed.

  3. Case sensitivity: Yes, passwords are case sensitive.

4. How long does a login session last?

There is no limit on your session -- as long as your browser is open, your session will never expire. As soon as you close your browser or close the tab with your session, your login session ends. 

For those who are interested in the technical details, your login is maintained using a cookie with no expiration date. Normal browser behavior for cookies with no expiration date is to delete them when you close the tab or close the browser.

5. Where did the TSG videos go?

The TSG MultiMedia videos came to the TrainMasters site through an agreement with TSG. They have decided to not renew their agreement, so TMTV has taken down the TSG videos. It doesn't matter that we're on a new site, if TSG decides to not renew, then the TSG videos would have been removed from the old site as well. We're sorry to see them go, but these are their videos and of course they can decide what they want to do with them.

6. How do I reset my password?

Here is the process for resetting your password. Follow the screenshots ... it's easy.


1. On the login screen, select the Forgot Password? link on the bottom left in blue.


2. You get this screen which simply asks what email you want us to send the reset instructions to.


3. Here is the email you get. Just click the reset link.


4. Clicking the reset link takes you here -- no need to enter an old password! SIMPLE!

7. How do I get sale pricing if I'm already a member?

First, login and visit your Dashboard > Billing page and select CHANGE PLAN ...

Then just select the discount pricing offer you want to change to. It's that simple!