2019-02.1: Tsunami 2 - bringing it all together

02 Feb 2019

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31:35 - Feb 2019 Act I - Tsunami2 summary and demo (2019)

We've spent the last several shows investigating the features of Tsunami2 decoders with George Bogatiuk from Soundtraxx. In this segment George brings it all together -  the dynamics of locomotive control combined with subtleties of sound.

Act II: SketchUp Revisited ...

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It is as George has demonstraited  Fantastic product! I have several Tsnami2 decoders Added 3 more this week prior to opsession Friday  

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My first couple of Tsunami2 installs I forgot about the blue LED on the board (see 29:45 to :55 in the video). Can it be disabled or do I have to open the shell again and put black tape over it? The bright light shines right through the radiator fans.

Thank you, Ed