2019-01.4: Allagash's Oxford County Branch

25 Jan 2019

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19:57 - Jan 2019 Act IV - Allagash's Oxford County Branch (2019)

We get a blast from the past railfanning an HO New England backwoods branch line on Mike Confalone's Allagash -- set in March of 1984.


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The only problem with this video is that it was too short. I could watch Railfan videos of the Allagash model railroad all day! I vote that TMTV commission Mike Confalone to produce one video showcasing either his operations or his outside the box modeling every month. I bet I am not the only one who feels this way. :-)

I liked the format with the narration and Mike's new Oxford County really looks like a shortline barely hanging on.

A couple of suggestions that Mike may want to consider. A couple of figures inside the cab would be a nice touch and an operating derail protecting the Agway spur and on each end of the passing siding would make for added realism that would help to slow down the operations. I started adding some to my Seaboard Central after seeing Tom Klimoski's on his Georgia Northeastern. They are kitbashed from Alexander Scale Models details and are easliy applied or removed using an uncoupling pic.

Thanks again for sharing Mike's wonderful layout and please...make more videos! TMTV could really stand to have more content from a master like Mike.

Tim Garland


I agree with Tim. The segment is too short. Love seeing Mike's Alagash RR and how it is operated. Would love to see more.

Too short for me as well, opperations videos are my favorite, and the Alagash is a favorite operations subject. I would love a PDF of the relative track plan attached to the video page, be more educational if I could follow along. Please make more Crew Call videos.

I would love a PDF of the relative track plan attached to the video page, be more educational if I could follow along. 

You got your wish. PDF track plan attachment added!

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Not sure if it has ever been done before but it would be awesome to follow one car's entire progress on a model railroad. A good candidate on the Allagash would be the load of pulpwood originating on the Oxford County and ending up at one of Mike's paper mills on the other end of the line. Watching the car make each connection and through its various classifications would be something beyond interesting. I can see how this would make for a cool article as well in MRH. Plus, it would help folks who want to learn more about operations understand car movements and what it often involves.

I really wish this video would have shown the train arriving into Andover and working the interchange with the Allagash and then returning back home. It would have made it more complete. Please consider a Part 2 Mike! You kinda left us hanging here. Haha!


When the local crew dropped the CP boxcar on the Agway spur, why not couple up to the empty covered hopper and save a move. They were going to the Interchange and the position in the train should not matter. Also when pulling the empty and loaded pulpwood cars, why not switch the position of the cars at the north end of the yard and return the empty back for loading instead of taking the load all the way to the waiting train and returning the empty all the way back to the loading area. just picking nits. Used to be a brakeman and saw some more effisient ways to do the work.

Great video, enjoyed it. Keep up the coverage on Mikes layout and I agree, would of loved for it to be longer.


Well detailed layout and weathered rolling stock but I have to agree with Tim one of the things missing was the crew in cab of locomotive


I wont complain (too short) or suggest "what ifs,  you should have, you could have or  why didnt ya?" great video...just not used to Allagash video being narrated by anyone other than Mike..scenery and back drop etc always impressive. Sometimes watching videos of The allagash brings me to where Id like to be... memories of the 80's in New England, small towns for breakfast, coffee, the newspaper crossword  and later the solitude of deep woods and gravel grade crossings...no hustle no bustle just easy going times. This branch line clip was cool. thanks for sharing.  

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You could almost feel the cold, that's how realistic it looks!

It is surprising just how long a few simple moves can take.