Over the shoulder of experts

14 Apr 2019


One thing TrainMasters TV does quite well is let you look over the shoulder of some of the most savvy modelers in the hobby. In effect, you get to ease-drop on some of the best techniques in the hobby through our vast video library.

Here are a dozen of the best how-to videos on TMTV. Several of these videos get a high rating -- and some even got a perfect 5 out of 5!

1. Building a trestle out of styrene

Making a stout styrene trestle - watch how to do it! Joe Fugate demos building virtually indestructible trestle bridges out of styrene.
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2. Easy fleet airbrush weathering

Easily weather your rolling stock fleet - watch how to do it! Base weathering your fleet doesn't have to be hard -- Pierre Oliver shows how easy it is.
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3. Eye-popping conifer trees

Make eye-popping conifers - watch how to do it! Pete Vassler demos his secrets to making furnace-filter conifers with eye-popping realism.
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4. Ballasting & weathering track

Get ultra-realistic track - watch how to do it! Mike Confalone demos his ultra-realistic track ballasting and weathering methods.
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5. Zen of handlaying track

Awesome handlaid track - watch how to do it! Trevor Marshall shares the Zen of laying track, with great tips on how to handlay your own track.
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6. Four ways to model water

Four ways to model water - watch how to do it! Miles Hale makes a big splash as he demos four different ways for creating water.
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7. Blue box upgrade to see-thru fans

Upgrade a blue box diesel to see-thru fans - watch how to do it! Efram Ellenbogen shows how installing see-thru fans on a Blue Box diesel can be super-easy.
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8. Applying decals like an expert

Applying decals like an expert - watch how to do it! Pierre Oliver on lettering a boxcar using waterslide decals -- even savvy modelers will learn new tips!
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9. Better way to ballast turnouts

Never glue the points while ballasting turnouts - watch how to do it! Joe Fugate shows how he ballasts turnouts and never glues the points shut!
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10. Better Kadee coupler results

See how to get better Kadee coupler performance - select to watch this video now Joe Fugate presents Kadee coupler install tips that dramatically enhance performance.
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11. Benchwork for the 21st century

Learn new 21st century benchwork techniques - select to watch this video now Robin Talukdar shares his state-of-the-art benchwork techniques.
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12. How to do paint masking

Learn how to do paint masking - select to watch this video now Alan Houtz from Iwata demos masking techniques for airbrushing.
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