Layout building series times 2

We're excited to be bringing you not only one layout building series, but two - count them, TWO layout building series!

The first series, Back to the Basement features Miles Hale taking you step-by-step through the process of building a basement layout. Miles thoroughly covers your options, showing you the pros and cons of different ways to approach building a layout. Even an old hand will find new layout tips and techniques from this series - you won't be disappointed.


Also on the docket is a new FreeMo module series by Trevor Marshall of Model Railway Show fame, a very brisk, tightly edited podcast for model railroading. See: ... 

Trevor demonstrates techniques for building and transporting FreeMo modules, in this case built in S scale. Not only will you learn modular building methods, you'll also learn some techniques you can use anywhere, like this example of a concrete bridge Trevor will be showing how to build:

Trevor Marshall builds this concrete bridge in his upcoming model railroad FreeMo module building series on TMTV.
Trevor Marshall will be demonstrating how to build this concrete bridge in his new TMTV module-building series..

So join us on TMTV over the next few months as these two new layout-building series unfold. We're pretty excited to be setting what we believe to be a new level of layout building how-to video that's not been done before, and we're hoping this is only the beginning of what TMTV will be bringing you in the way of in-depth how-to's.

Joe Fugate


Looking forward to seeing Trevor in action - love his basement layout.

Loving the BTTB videos!  The are very informative and entertaining - a great combination!

looking for video on making steam whistles

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Try here:

Whistlemaker Mike Daugherty has built over 1700 whistles based on original drawings dating back to the age of steam.  We visit his shop as he creates a 3-chime whistle for a customer, and then hear one of his sirens on one of America's best-known tourist railroads.

<p>My first layout was tragically flawed. &nbsp;I&#39;m to start my second and like to see a basic set of videos- wiring &nbsp;from basic bus to turnouts, etc. &nbsp;Maybe you could call this section &quot;Beginner&#39;s Corner&quot; with a blog to ask newbie questions.</p>

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Asking beginner questions... I'd like to invite you to checkout MRH's user forum! It's a great place to ask newbie questions or advanced questions, there's always somebody willing to help. Visit:

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I enjoyed your segment on hand laying track in "Back to The Basement." I fully agree the only way to insure smooth track is to use the Mk 1 eyeball, just like the sectiion foremen does. Being tall, and now old, it can be difficult to do on a model railroad. I use a mirror so I can stand and obsevre the track. A mechanics mirror or and old compact mirror from your wife's makeup will serve you well to get down to track level in otherwise impossible places without risking a crick in the back. Keep up the good work!!