The Birth of TrainMasters TV, part 1

15 Oct 2013

TMTV Station Agent

Well, here we are just days away from the launch of TrainMasters TV.  At this point you might expect to read about how it's been a tiring process, fraught with challenges and pitfalls.  But it hasn't been.  

Certainly I've invested a lot of hours and more money than I care to think about right now, but this project has been one of the easiest and most enjoyable I have ever taken on.

That doesn't mean that it has been a short journey, however.  The idea for TrainMasters took root over three years ago.  I was working as a video editor for a TV show about the design of classic cars.  Cars are interesting, but as all of us here know, railroads have a much more fascinating history than the automobile world.  

I suggested to the people that I was working for that if they simply changed out the rubber wheels for steel and put rails under them, they could probably convince the network to buy another 13 episodes.  Of course, I would be securing another eight months of work as editor and possibly even more as a researcher.  Heck, as long as we're talking trains I might as well go on the road and do some camerawork too.  

I would call the show Wheels on Steel.   The production company liked the idea and I set out to produce a short segment as a demo in my spare time.  In part 2, learn what became of this new TV show idea.

Barry Silverthorn
Executive Producer/Editor, TrainMasters TV


I'm having fun so far reviewing your initial videos and obviously many are a few years old. What Is the planned schedule for additions? How long will existing videos remain on the site? I love the site so far so congratulations and best of luck. Bob



Some things are timeless, like laying track or building trees. Other things, like the DCC techniques shown on Siskiyou Line volume 3 includes a number of things that are now almost obsolete.

All volumes in the TrainMasters library will remain online for as long as TrainMasters exists unless the video gets so out of date to be ridiculous.

We will keep adding videos from the Model Trains Video library of DVDs until they are all uploaded, and then we will continue to add new videos from the Model Trains Video collection as new DVDs get released a few months after the new DVD has been out. So if you're a TrainMasters member, just wait and the new Model Trains Video DVDs will come on here for your enjoyment, all as part of your TMTV subscription.

I am certainly enjoying the videos so far.  They are well done and interesting.  I hope that the venture is successful.