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25 Nov 2016


Start small. THINK BIG.

Starting in January, we're embarking on a new layout project building a TOMA layout. With TOMA (The One Module Approach) we're building a home layout in module sections.

The new project layout is based is a proto-freelanced version of the Vermont Railway set in modern day. Eclectic small industries abound up there – in some ways it's like the clock stopped 20-30 years ago.

10 Nov 2016


A 3D printer in your workshop?

Model railway enthusiasts are generally open to embracing new technologies. We’re early adopters, and this is generally a good thing. Sometimes, however, our enthusiasm for technologies that are still in beta-testing means we assess – and reject – tools and techniques early in their life cycle. Our first impression then informs our opinion of the technology, even as it matures and gets better.

Such is the case with 3D Printing.

TrainMasters TV versus Model Railroader Video Plus

Here at TrainMasters TV (TMTV), we don’t spend a lot of time looking at what the competition is doing – namely at Model Railroader Video Plus (MRVP). We prefer to focus on making our video content as good as it can be and to produce videos on topics we have a passion about and feel modelers really want. As for the competition, we don’t try to counter anything they might be doing.