Weathering project 05: Grand Trunk covered hopper

16 Feb 2016

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25:12 - Weathering 05: GT blue rib-side hopper (2016)

For project 5, Mike Confalone weathers a Grand Trunk blue rib-side covered hopper. For this car, Mike shows how to do a light-to-moderate weathering job which includes a slight lettering fade, emphasizing the ribs with PanPastels, doing some light rust streaks with oils, and finishing up the top, ends, and bottom with some flood oil stain and PanPastels.

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Also see volume 2: Weathering diesel locomotives.

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Episode 7: Weathering a B&O coal hopper ...

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Tbgarland's picture

Mike, TMTV....

It seems like so much has changed since Joe visited and filmed one of your operating sessions. You have added a lot more scenery and a lot more weathered cars such as this one. Are there future plans to film a new operating session like Joe filmed before? I think one including the dispatcher and operations at Madrid Yard would be well received.

Thanks and Keep Up the Great Work!

Tim Garland

wafflebox306's picture


Do you typically Dulcoat before weathering unless you are doing the letter fade like you did here and on the Milwaukee Road car?

Thanks for the great series.

Michael M.

wafflebox306's picture


Not sure how I got two of the same post, so I will edit and ask another question.  You use several brands of brushes, but which brand do you find works the best? 

Michael M.

Great series. I see the value in using prototype photos. What do you do for the "other side" of the car? The one we don't see in the photo, or the video. Is it a repeat, or different? Thanks so much for the inspirational "how to".