Weathering project 04: Seaboard Coast Line hopper

09 Feb 2016

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55:15 - Weathering 04: SCL light yellow hopper (2016)

For project 4, Mike Confalone does an extreme-weathered off-white Seaboard Coast Line hopper. In this episode, Mike demonstrates how to apply extreme rust streaks with oils without overwhelming the other car markings, how to appropriately weather the roof and bottom of this car with oil flood stains, and how to finish up the car by weathering the underside, end, and trucks with PanPastels.

Other episodes in this series include:
- Introduction: Workspace, tools & materials
- Project 1: Chessie covered hopper
- Project 2: Engelhard covered hopper
- Project 3: Milwaukee Road boxcar
- Project 5: Grand Trunk covered hopper
- Project 6: B&O coal hopper
- Project 7: CP Rail boxcar
- Project 8: CN pressure-diff hopper

Also see volume 2: Weathering diesel locomotives.

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Episode 6: Weathering a Grand Trunk covered hopper ...

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If I found a way to be critical of anything it would be jusy be  envy...incredible job Mike, its not a rushed job and you seem pretty patient and relaxed. thats a key factor that you seem to have adjusted to.. keep it coming, goodluck

Tbgarland's picture

Each time I watch one of these episodes I really wish I could see the cars in action on the Allagash. Maybe being classified into outgoing trains starting out on their new journeys earning their keep. The realism is superb and it is really fun to watch the transformation process from a clean model car to a replica of the prototype!

Tim Garland

Each time I watch one of these episodes I really wish I could see the cars in action on the Allagash.

You will get your wish ... after finishing car #8, Mike does a retrospective finale that includes several minutes of watching these cars run in a train on the Allagash.

loving this series Mike, it's by far the best thing on TMTV! I was wondering when you weather the other side of the cars? Do you do it at the same time as the side we see or after it has dried? I noticed in this episode you had blue tape over the other side - is that to protect the factory paint or for some other reason? 

Can't wait to see the other episodes,

- Paul 


Great series, and beautiful work Mike.  I'm hoping that you will show how to weather  a dark colored oil tanker.



Another top-notch job, Mike!  I learn more and more with every car.  Will you be weathering a coal hopper?

If memory serves, a Chessie coal hopper is up next. It's quite a project!

Mike Confalone

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the comments. The other side of the car is weathered in full after the "primary" side is complete. The tape on the SCL car was to protect some test weathering I had done on the other side with the oils. They hadn't quite cured yet.

Thanks for tuning in.

Mike Confalone

Feb 17 - Blue Grand Trunk ribbed covered hopper <<<this week

Feb 24 - Black B&O coal hopper

Mar 2 -  Green CP Rail boxcar

Mar 9 - White CN pressure-differential hopper (looks a lot like a tank car)

That will conclude the car weathering series, then the loco weathering series starts and should run into April.

Thanks, Mike.  It's great seeing top-notch weathering from a fellow Smithtownian!


TMTV has offered different approaches for the subject recently. I do enjoy your "style" the most.

Any chance for later on (another set) to do a gon? Would be different in that the inside would get as much treatment as the outside.