Weathering project 02: Engelhard covered hopper

26 Jan 2016

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55:20 - Weathering 02: Engelhard gray covered hopper (2016)

For project 2, Mike Confalone weathers a light gray Engelhard covered hopper. In this episode, Mike shows how to add Kaolin spills down the side of the car, he illustrates very subtle weld seam rusting, shows how to add lading spills to the top of the car, and demonstrates oil wash flood-weathering of the underframe.

Other episodes in this series include:
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Also see volume 2: Weathering diesel locomotives.

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Tbgarland's picture


Really enjoying the tutorials. I especially like how you streak the rust stains down the sides with the turpentine. Great effect.

I noticed how you hid the extra weights under this Intermountain car. I have two Intermountain Cylindrical Covered Hoppers and two Intermountain Corn Syrup Tank Cars that are really light. If you have similar cars how did you add extra weight to them to help them run better?


Tim Garland


Just wanted to let you know that these tutorials, which you've taken the time to do are outstanding!  The format is great; explaining the thought process, and techniques as you go, one can literally follow along with a car of their own and learn these techniques in real time.  Not editing out undesired results, but addressing what corrections to take, makes these videos an exceptional and entertaining learning tool.

Short of sitting alongside in the Allagash workshop, it doesn't get any better!

Well done sir, keep up the great work, it is much appreciated.


Hi Mike

as James said - a great tutorial and very well made. The effects described so fare are simply stunning and I felt like a little kid achiving something big the first time. I need to map the techniques to european cars of the 50ies and 60ies but this shouldn't be a big thing.

Looking forward to locos, tank cars and hopefully wooden boxcars (the ones with planks instead of sheetmetal).

Greets from Switzerland,


Mike..nice work..thanks for sharing

These tutorials are AMAZING.  Simple, easy to follow, and Mike, you have an engaging, conversational style that I think puts folks at ease.  For me, weathering has always been one of those things that I've been hesitant to try - afraid of ruining a perfectly good model, etc.  But these techniques are straightforward, and if one takes his/her time,  pretty foolproof.  THANKS for making these available - VERY helpful!

liverpool_range's picture

Hi Mike,

Another great video.  I particularly love the rust streaks and how they are done - superb and simple!!

Not sure if you mentioned it in the last video, but if you were to apply Dullcote in layers as you progress, do you need to let the oils dry completely first, or is there no real need to reapply the Dullcote during the process, only as the final sealer.



Very nice series with both you and Gary doing these tutorials. It may be beyond the personal modelling eras of you two, but I'd like to see how this may be done with some older wood cars.

Also, as a shameless plug for anyone looking to get one an Engelhard car, the Southeastern Region of the NMRA is doing this as a special run using an Accurail model as well. See here: