Weathering with Mike Confalone: Series intro

13 Jan 2016

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22:37 - Weathering intro: Workspace, tools, materials & approach (2016)

Weathering with Mike Confalone - in this introduction, Mike goes over the workspace, materials, tools, and most importantly: the approach to weathering he's using in this series.

In the next part, Mike moves on to weathering the first freight car. Each episode in series part 1 covers one freight car from out of the box to finished and ready for service on the layout.

Other episodes in this series include:
- Project 1: Chessie covered hopper
- Project 2: Engelhard covered hopper
- Project 3: Milwaukee Road boxcar
- Project 4: Seaboard Coast Line hopper
- Project 5: Grand Trunk covered hopper
- Project 6: B&O coal hopper
- Project 7: CP Rail boxcar
- Project 8: CN pressure-diff hopper

Also see volume 2: Weathering diesel locomotives.

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Episode 2: Weathering a Chessie covered hopper ...

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Tbgarland's picture

I am really looking forward to this series. I have sent a number of my cars off to be weathered professionally at a pretty hefty price. I've also tried my hand at weathering too but never really mastered it to the degree I was happy with. This is why I'm so excited to learn from watching Gary and Mike weather cars realistically like the prototype. Thank you TMTV for providing these valuable videos!

Tim Garland

This is a straightforward, clear and balanced intro to weathering. Thanks and very worthwhile. Can't wait for the next imstallement. Thank you Mike.

This is going to be another great series! A big thank you to Mike C as well as Gary for providing these weathering tips and techniques.  

I have my Lamp Black and Burnt Umber washes made up, brushes selected, Pan Pastels, Soft Pastels, Transparent Orange Oxide and Titainimum White oil paint, etc, etc. Waiting with baited breath for Gary's and Mike's next episodes. This is great!

Ken Glover


Thanks for the comments and interest. Please let us know how you like the actual tutorials. I believe the first car goes up Monday. 

Something to keep in mind, and I think this is important when you start weathering. None of the weathering on any of the freight cars featured in the tutorial was planned in advance. I basically sit down, study a prototype photo (which we do "together" in the video) and come up with a strategy on the fly. So it's a very organic sort of approach to weathering. Each car is different, but there are multiple applications of the same/similar tedchniques from car to car. I think you'll find that it's a simple, but effective set of tools in the tool kit. Easy and fun. 

Hope it's enjoyable, and more importantly helpful.

Mike Confalone

This comment is to MRH.  A bill of materials would be helpful.  Sometimes I can't quite understand the pronouciation,even after playing it back. I wear hearing aids and may not be the anly one with this problem.  Same goes for other videos, a written bill of materials would be nice.  Thank you

Great intro to this series. Very well explained on materials needed.  I have made my list, ordered a craft table and am ordering the brushes and paints today. Looking forward to the next installment and also the DVD to add to my Allagash collection.

Thanks again Mike for putting this series out.

Bobby S

Concord NH


Great subject, cant wait to learn Mike.  I have worked with Pastels and brushes in the past, but no one ever covers how to clean your brushes after using pastels.  If you get a minute please drop me a note, or cover it in your video.  I am gathering my supplys so I can play along as well.   

I've neveer cleaned mine! I just sorta blow on them to remove any dust remnants.

Mike Confalone

I too am hard of hearing and have difficulty understanding the spoken word.  Almost all television programs offer the option of 'closed captioning'....I wish more streaming video websites offered the same option.

What a super series, Mike.  Really looking forward to it. 

Best, Andy Keeney

Really looking forward to viewing Mike's tutorials! These weathering instructional videos are some of the most enjoyable hobby related content I've seen.


Mike great job, I'm working along with many of your techniques. I created the washes using grumbacher and Winton oil paints. However after applying to model the paint appears to separate from the turp, creating tiny little globs of paint? This occurs  with the grumbacher and Winton paints. I also got a different turp to see if the first one I got was bad, same results. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?? Thanks for creating such a great series, I'm really learning a lot!

Matt Smith

Bloomington IL

Great video!  I have my shopping list and I'm off to Hobby Lobby! :)


Looking for somewhere out there for  somebody  who will print a sheet of decals   WOOD CHIP SERVICE.

secondly I would like to know how the weathering was done on the corn silos. 

Great series on weathering Mike, thanks for doing this. Question, How long (Shelf Life) do you get out of your washes?

Leonard  Lee Davis