N scale decoder installs, vol 1 - part 1 (TSG)

14 Jun 2016

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21:07 - N scale decoder installs, vol 1 - part 1 (TSG 2014)

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Want to learn how to install Digital Command Control (DCC) decoders into very small locomotives like N scale diesels? In N DCC Installs Volume 1, TSG model railroading expert Dan Cortopassi tackles real-world examples of DCC installs. Dan starts with simple plug-and-play installs and progresses to more advanced installs as he goes, including (in part 2), ditch lights, numberboard lights, headlight (front/rear), rooftop beacon lights (all in the same model, even) and yes, also installing sound.

Part 1 covers the simpler installs, but Dan does end with a couple installs having working ditch lights (in N scale!) and involving some simple soldering.

Part 2 gets into far more advanced install techniques: click here to watch part 2.

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•Vol 1 - Part 1, all chapters (21 minutes) ...


•Chapter 0 - N DCC install series introduction (2:54)

•Chapter 1 - Kato EMD SD70ACE - board replacement install (2:02)

•Chapter 2 - Atlas EMD SD35 - board replacement install (2:35)

•Chapter 3 - Kato EMD E9A - board replacement install (2:37)

•Chapter 4 - Micro-Trains EMD SW1500 - board replacement install (1:53)

•Chapter 5 - Intermountain EMD FP7A - board replacement/solder install (3:11)

•Chapter 6 - Atlas GE B40-8W - decoder replacement/ditch lights install (4:22)

•Chapter 7 - Fox Valley EMD GP60M - board replace/headlight-ditch lights install (3:33)

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I know they are relatively simple in the manor you present them but I can see how careful  you are being in some places not to destroy/short anything. Very nice videos. I think it will be a help for people to see how it is done.

Yes it is critical to be careful to keep everything isolated to prevent shorts.