HO rolling stock weathering & detailing, vol 1 (TSG)

27 Feb 2017

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01:32:23 - HO rolling stock weathering & detailing, vol 1 (TSG 2010)

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Dan Cortopassi takes on five weathering projects from start to finish, using six different cars to illustrate a variety of techniques. Dan covers weathering and simple detailing, as well as some techniques for adding graffiti, including a special bonus chapter focused entirely on tagging a covered hopper.

Follow along as Dan demonstrate his techniques for painting and weathering wheels, adding rust, streaking and discoloring car sides, and more! The techniques cover a wide range including washes, powders, paints, and even colored pencils. The examples cover a variety of different car types from different eras and railroads.

NOTE: This video was produced in 2010 using standard definition video. We have upsampled it to HD, but the video appears soft and may have a few moire patterns occasionally. Even so, the techniques illustrated are quite valuable -- we believe you will agree this video series, even at the old lower resolution, is packed with helpful rolling stock examples.

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•Vol 1 - All chapters (1h 32m) ...


•Introduction (01:49)

•Chapter 1: Intermountain 40' Boxcar, GN 20059 (24:12)

•Chapter 2: Athearn 40' GATC Airslide, ATSF 310158 (16:16)

•Chapter 3: Atlas 48' Well Car, DTTX 456204 (17:01)

•Chapter 4: Proto 2000 40' Stock Car, NP 80163 (11:09)

•Chapter 5: Atlas 17,360 Gallon Tank Cars, PPGX 1866 / ACFX 86471 (13:33)

•Chapter 6 Bonus: Methods for applying graffiti (08:23)


Some great video on weathering nice job! Learned some great ideas. 

These are nice videos!  Great stuff.  So far I've watched the first two, and in neither one did Mr. Cortopassi do a final sealing spray of dullcote.  This is something I have not figured out: using pastels and weathering dusts are really effective, but need to be sealed so it doesn't get on your fingers.  Yet spraying the dullcoat on the powers make them disappear.  He alludes to this in the first car video.  Maybe he will tell me how in a later video!

Very good videos. The end result looks great. Will be testing some of these techniques in the future:)