HO scale decoder installs, vol 2 - part 2 (TSG)

17 Aug 2016

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38:58 - HO scale decoder installs, vol 2 - part 2 (TSG 2009)


In HO DCC Installs Volume 2 part 2, TSG's Dan Cortopassi tackles 4 more complex real-world examples of hardwire DCC installs in HO scale locomotives, ranging from a Bachmann Steam loco sound install to a sound decoder install with cam sync in a brass steamer!

In this series, TSG shows the typical issues you’ll likely encounter while installing your own decoders. There are both steam locomotive installs and an assortment of diesels with lights and sound, so there should be something for everyone.

This video mentions a bonus library - click here to access.

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NOTE: This video was produced in 2009 using standard definition video. We have upsampled it to HD, but the video appears soft and may have a few moire patterns occasionally. Even so, the techniques illustrated are quite valuable -- we believe you will agree this video series, even at the old lower resolution, is packed with helpful install examples.

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•Vol 2 - Part 2, all chapters (~38 minutes) ...


•Chapter 5 - Bachmann 2-8-0 SoundTrax Tsunami hardwire install (11:43)

•Chapter 6 - Kato NW2 Loksound hardwire install (9:56)

•Chapter 7 - Athearn Bombarier Cab Car Digitrax sound decoder hardwire install (5:19)

•Chapter 8 - Sunset brass 4-8-2 Tsunami sound cam hardwire install (7:41)

•Bonus - Sound decoder comparison, take 2 (4:19)

PART 1 ...
Part 1 has four more complex installs.

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I don't think the sound comparisons in the video were particularly valid, because in the tests the sound levels were not equal and the volume levels too low. It's like turning your stereo down and trying to hear the deep bass sounds...you just can't really appreciate them at low volumes. 

I don't run a lot of locos at once on my layout, so I can appreciate that having louder sound levels can be a problem if you're doing operations with many individuals running trains at once. However, I have several MRC sound decoders, which everyone criticizes, but sound as good as my Tsunami's because I set the volume loud enough to hear the bass and the high trebles. So I think it's a matter of adjustment.

Just saying........


As to sound levels, Dan set the sound levels to what he typically runs on his layout, so that seems quite valid to us. Cranking it up louder when you won't run it that way for real isn't particularly valid. In our experience, lowering the volume when you have lots of sound locos on the layout helps you focus more on the loco when it's in front of you and more easily tune out everything else on the railroad.

So it's a matter of your perspective - we feel the most valid test uses the volume levels you intend to use on the layout - which is what Dan did.