TrainMasters TV Grand Opening!

11 Nov 2013

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3:02 - Joe Fugate introduces Train Masters TV. (2013)

It's finally here, TrainMasters TV's grand opening! Joe Fugate, CEO and Publisher of both Model Railroad Hobbyist and TrainMasters TV gives you a brief introduction to the TMTV website, and cuts the ribbon on the TrainMasters Special as it leaves the station!


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i think this great but the videos go on and off a lot on play video and alternate player also any ideas thanks

May you have great success in your endeavor.  I'm looking forward to future videos.

Trainmasters Tv is a great source of inspiratiion for the hobby, keep up the good work!

HI guys I just joined and thanks for the 20% discount for an old fella entering into fixed income.  I went to Video Library, clicked ASC, placing the older videos ontop. By doing this I immediately saw the Grand Opening video which I just viewed.  May I suggest that you make this how to video for new folks on your home page. I found it was helpful in explaing how you work. I especially enjoyed the professional quality and the ribbon cutting scene was a nice touch.