TrainMasters TV "Classic" Sandwich promo

27 Oct 2013

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1:29 - The original TrainMasters announcement video (2013)

Here's the original TrainMasters TV announcement promo video that started it all. We were discussing how TrainMasters needs to be affordable, about the cost of a sandwich ... and one thing lead to another. Could that sandwich make you a better model railroader? The fun and somewhat over-the-top results ensued ...


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Ok - just seeing this for the first time (have lots of catching up to do!) - very clever, funny & effective! So glad I signed up!



Modeling the New Haven Railroad's Valley Branch c. October, 1947

"Video not found or access denied:
and alas, no alternative player here.

Some of the earliest videos we posted don't have the alternate player, so we added it to this one.

The error you reference is the Firefox browser. Somehow, Firefox changed something that broke playback on some of our older videos. The easy fix is to use a different browser than Firefox.

Hurray, now there is also an "AlternativePlayer".

And - strange - but after the today's AdobeFlashPlayerUpdate, I can now play both variations of this video in Firefox - thanks.