2013-11.2b: Tom Patterson's CW&E

16 Nov 2013

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15:28 - Tom Patterson's Chesapeake, Wheeling, and Erie (2013)

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In the second half of Act 2, we tour Tom Patterson's HO-scale Chesapeake, Wheeling and Erie Railroad.

This segment has an onscreen link at the end to Tom's layout blog:

For Tom's trackplan, go to: 

In Act III: We visit the 2013 National Train Show in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Matt Borlandelli's picture

Great video! When I first saw the CWE paint job, I immediately thought Utah Belt.

Truly a great layout and not surprising Tom has been working on it for over 20 years, just shows what level of realism can be achieved by studying different scenery techniques and products and learning how to use them correctly. This layout and other fantastic looking layouts out there are a huge inspiration to us all in this great hobby. Thank-you Tom for sharing it with us and I hope we get to see more videos of your great layout in the future!

Matt and Nigel- thanks for the kind comments. And I'm glad the layout has provided some inspiration to you, Nigel. I've been inspired by many people over the years. It's nice to be able to repay the favor in some small fashion.

Awesome layout. Really enjoyed this video, I'm in the process of reading his blog. A grea t read,