2013-11.2a: TMTV Nov 2013 Edition - Act II.A

16 Nov 2013

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11:18 - The Backshop Clinic: What's in your toolbox? (2013)

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In the first half of Act II on the November 2013 edition of TrainMasters TV, Backshop Clinic host Clark Kooning asks our guest "What's in your toolbox?"

This segment has an onscreen link:

(The NMRA has HO, N and O scale gauges available in their online store - just click the Online Store link .)

In Act II.B: We visit Tom Patterson's HO Appalachian layout.

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Well presented and informative would also like to see some sources for purchasing the more specialized tools.

Ended too soon.  Hope there wil more episodes on specialty tools, especially some advice on which ones are really worth obtaining versus one-off novelty tools.

Starting from scratch and there are alot of modeling tools out there.  Keep up the good work.


I have no idea how to use gear puller or the related doohikie.  Will there ever be a follow up on actually demonstrating how to use some of these more specialized tools?

Sure, We can show how to pull a driver, pull a gear and use a quartering tool to replace the driver. These type of comments and feedback will enrich this program by showing what you want to see.


Roger Chrysler