SoundTraxx install in Kato NW2 diesel

30 Oct 2013

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1:44:10 - Bruce Petrarca does a SoundTraxx decoder install (2013)

Bruce Petrarca takes you step-by-step through the install of a SoundTraxx Tsunami decoder in an HO Kato NW2 diesel. This video accompanied Bruce's January 2013 article in Model Railroad Hobbyist. magazine (

The video is 8 separate segments, each covering some of the steps in the process.

•Segment 1: First steps and preparation (12:52)

•Segment 2: Preliminary assembly (15:34)

•Chapter 3: Machine Frame and wire motor (6:49)

•Segment 4:Assemble drive train (19:44)

•Segment 5: Apply kapton tape to frame, install speaker, wire trucks (10:35)

•Segment 6: Install and wire decoder (13: 58)

•Segment 7: Test loco, final assembly, program loco (13:58)

•Segment 8: Finish installation and test run on layout (10:41)


Nicely done. The shooting angles give you a clear view of what is occurring. The video is clear and in focus with great definition. The audio is clear and level. Bruce did a great job developing the content for the video and presented it extremely well.


Greg Amer

The Industrial Lead

With segment 2 "Alternative Player" I get access denied. "Play Video" is ok but I need to use the "Alternative Player"

Had an access setting wrong - try it now.

OK now


Excellent  video, now I have to screw up,the courage to do the same thing in N scale. Thanks , John T

Outstanding video!

Wow, is the information professional, everything was shown and explained.
Thank you very much I love these videos tremendously.


As usual very good install. Question; in lew of an ultra sonic cleaner soak the parts in the cleaning solution for a couple of days?

Bruce says:

Soaking and brushing will work over time. The ultrasonic gets things done in minutes and the ultrasonic cleaner can be had for less than $20 these days.

Here's one on Amazon (free shipping if you're a prime member) for $12:

Cool! Thanks Bruce, thats affordable even for a larger one as I'm in O scale. I orignaly lookd at the Foredom ultra sonic cleaners, very salty.