Scenery modeling - Roads and parking lots

22 Feb 2014

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44:57 - Modeling photo backdrops, roads, and parking lots (2012)

Expert modeler Mike Confalone presents his photo backdrop, road, and parking lot modeling methods used on his proto-freelanced Allagash Railway St. Regis Paper mill project in this 3-part video. Part of the Scenery Modeling Outside the Box DVD series from Model Trains Video.

•Part 1: Paper mill project intro / photo backdrop tips (5:00)

•Part 2: Roughing in the road and parking lot (24:31)

•Part 3: Finishing the road and parking lot (15:26)

This HIGH DEFINITION version of our STD-DEF DVD content is available free to TMTV members (HD version costs extra to purchase and is only available as a download).


Mike's also putting his entire Allagash layout story in writing in his comprehensive 4-volume eBook series containing over 400 pages and hundreds of photos illustrating his points. Learn more about the Allagash Story eBook here.



I use the same technique as you illustrated.  However to protect my backdrop, I place a 1" strip of blue painters tape where it meets the parking lot.


When applying the spackle in tight areas, the use of a cake decorator's pastry bag or even a zip-loc bag with just the flat decorator's tip would allow you to put the spackle into these spots with a minimum or no mess and alot of control.  You can get these at walmart or any other discount store for just a few bucks.

Mike, nice job I enjoy your videos, all of them, where ya been???? The only suggestion for future modelers or tasks like this (even though its a late comment compared to the date of these videos and perhaps has already been realized)  drive the nails on the roadbed barriers all the way home, it will make spreading and smoothing the compound much easier without bumping into them with the puddy knife or smoothing tool. The roadbed can be  ripped right out and you can pull the nails after ..also maybe try n scale roadbed as its a bit thinner..oh and mask tape the wood crossings..