Modeling gravel roads and finishing track

21 Nov 2015

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38:36 - Scenery modeling gravel roads and finishing track (2012)

Expert modeler Mike Confalone demos his process for doing gravel roads and finishing his trackwork. Along the way, Mike shows how he adds ground textures to blend things and he lets you in on the planning process for bringing the entire scene together. Includes 6 video segments in all.

Part of the Scenery Modeling Outside the Box DVD, volume 2.

•Adding work area texture (8:11)

•Planning the foreground area (5:17)

•Finishing the track (7:40)

•More foreground work (3:09)

•Doing gravel roads (8:59)

•Testing the track (5:20)

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All the Allagash quarry project segments in this series include:


Mike's also put his entire Allagash layout story in writing in his comprehensive 4-volume eBook series containing over 400 pages and hundreds of photos illustrating his points. Learn more about the Allagash Story eBook here.


Mike C. does it again!! It is such a pleasure to watch his laid-back, well-done, and oh-so-informative videos; they always convey the sense that anyone can utilize these techniques, even if one initially thinks that it's beyond one's capabilities. Also, the explanations given for how and what is done, from planning to actual construction, are always clear, concise, and, above all, enjoyable to watch. Truly creates the "spark" to get up off the chair and do something good for one's own railroad. Kudos again, Mike, and keep 'em coming!!


                                                                                   Fred Barrett


Very nicely done, very enjoyable to watch someone that takes time to make the scene come to life and with some great ideas. I'm also getting ready to do a road and a lot for my maintance away scene. Be looking forward to seeing more.

      D Spring

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You are absolutely correct about rusty rails and how they weather the tie plates and crossties. I get to stare at the real thing everyday as an engineer and I've noticed how they really are pretty rusty on the sides and the bottom areas of the rail. I normally just paint my model railroad rails with a rail brown color and lately I've been using the Rustoleum Camo Brown to weather my track. Now I plan on using your extra technique to help obtain better realism by weathering the rails with powders, so thanks!

I would love for you and Joe to check out my Seaboard Central layout on my tmh57 Youtube channel. Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks again for making these outstanding videos!

Tim Garland

I would like to purchase the downloadable HD version of this, and other videos.  I see that the purchase option on the Gary Christensen video takes you to a purchase option on Vimeo, but cannot find the purchase option on this video.  Please assist.



See the MRH Store ...

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Looks great !