Modeling decidious, pine, and background trees

07 Nov 2015

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40:59 - Scenery modeling decidious, pine, and background trees (2012)

Expert modeler Mike Confalone shows you how to model bare decidious trees, pine trees, background trees - and how to plant them for the most realistic results in this 4 segment video series

Part of the Scenery Modeling Outside the Box DVD, volume 2.

•Modeling bare decidious-trees (8:40)

•Making pine trees (10:41)

•Planting the trees (5:36)

•Modeling and planting background-trees (15:59)

This HIGH DEFINITION version of our STD-DEF DVD content is available free to TMTV members (HD version costs extra to purchase and is only available as a download).

All the Allagash quarry project segments in this series include:


Mike's also put his entire Allagash layout story in writing in his comprehensive 4-volume eBook series containing over 400 pages and hundreds of photos illustrating his points. Learn more about the Allagash Story eBook here.


Tbgarland's picture


You definitely have the best looking pine trees I have ever seen modeled. I've already planned to purchase some Sterling Model trees for my layout. I look forward to seeing more of your work on TMTV!


Tim Garland

Video is very well done and the wealth of techniques for making trees and using them in scenes are well worth the time to watch. An added bonus is the artistic sense that Mike demonstrates in planning and construction. I learned a lot about forcing perspective using very little space but creating great depth of field.

CN6401's picture

Mike, as always, your videos and your techniques always hit the mark for me and you make it seem so easy.

Thanks for sharing, I can't wait for the next episode.

Ralph Renzetti (CN6401)