Scenery modeling - Casting, blending, and coloring rocks

31 May 2014

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50:56 - Casting rocks from molds, then blending and coloring them (2012)

Expert modeler Mike Confalone shows how to use rubber molds to cast rocks as individual castings, then places and blends the rock castings in his quarry scene. Once the castings have been formed into a seamless rock face, Mike demonstrates at length how to color the rocks in a realistic manner.

For more rock cut techniques, see these additional video segments with more techniques.

Part of the Scenery Modeling Outside the Box DVD, volume 2.

•Using rubber molds to cast rocks (5:09)

•Placing the rock castings (12:11)

•Blending the rock castings (10:57)

•Coloring the rocks (22:39)

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All the Allagash quarry project segments in this series include:


Mike's also put his entire Allagash layout story in writing in his comprehensive 4-volume eBook series containing over 400 pages and hundreds of photos illustrating his points. Learn more about the Allagash Story eBook here.


Oops wrong summery!

Wrong summary? What do you mean by that?

Video 3 Blending the rock castings has same summery at the end as video 2


Ah, you're right! We fixed it, thanks for pointing that out.

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Mike,  what a great tutorial on scenery rockwork. As for painting and colouring I'm definitely going to have to try your technique, I've been using later and acrylics in conjunction with ink washes and AIM powders. 

I bought the DVD and still took the time to watch it here again.