Pine Ridge RR - a Gorre & Daphetid look-alike

20 Oct 2014

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66:21 - Tom Hokel's Pine Ridge Railroad layout (2011)

From the MRH Store DVD archives - in 720p HD video!

Tour this amazing Gorre & Daphetid look-alike layout by Tom Hokel. You won't believe your eyes - you will think the Wizard of Monterey, John Allen, has been resurrected - it's that good!

Note: Tom recorded the audio using the on-camera microphone, so the audio quality is not as good as when a lavalier mike is used.

•01 Introduction (2:57)
•02 Tour of Great Divide (8:01)
•03 Tour of French Gulch (6:40)
•04 Tour of the Lower tier (6:45)
•05 Visit to Gorre (6:49)
•06 Visit to Andrew (12:17)
•07 Conclusion (5:41)
•08 Bonus: A rare find (6:46)

The special features section of the video also includes several uncut runbys on Tom's layout:
•Runby 1 - #34 in French Gulch upper tier (1:52)
•Runby 2 - #34 rolling through Gorre (2:11)
•Runby 3 - #34 across the high bridge (2:47)
•Runby 4 - #34 in French Gulch lower tier (0:46)
•Runby 5 - #34, #38, #40 all in French Gulch (1:30)
•Runby 6 - #38 in French Gulch (1:19)

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I wish there was more video showing the entire layout!  This is a great set of videos.  I do own the book that was mention in the last episode.  It is a very interesting read.  I recommend it for those who want to know more about John Allen.  You can learn about some of his tricks he created with his modeling and photography to incite real companies to have their lawyers contact him.


What a great tribute to John Allen.  Thanks for the Pine Ridge, a truely inspiring effort!  Nice to see John's legacy played out with the help of others.