Ops Live 6 - Allagash New Sharon yard ops

30 Nov 2016

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02:19:00 - Allagash New Sharon yard ops (2014)

FROM THE MRH STORE DVD ARCHIVES - Presented in HD format for TMTV members!

Watch the New Sharon yard crew of Mike Confalone's HO Allagash Railway manage yard operations and switch cars in New Sharon yard. Segments include building trains, switching industries, and interacting with road crews as the trains roll through.

•FULL VIDEO, all chapters (2h 19m) ...


•Chapter 1 - Prepping for the Mill (10:09)

•Chapter 2 - Headed to the Mill? (16:47)

•Chapter 3 - Runaway! (4:53)

•Chapter 4 - We’re finally at the mill (17:59)

•Chapter 5 - Back to the Yard (13:24)

•Chapter 6 - New Sharon gets busy (5:40)

•Chapter 7 - New Sharon is still busy! (5:21)

•Chapter 8 - New Sharon Yard is filling up (17:38)

•Chapter 9 - Strategy session (2:40)

•Chapter 10 - New Sharon gets relief (4:49)


Good videos but only one problem the images have been converted at 23 fps (Frames per second) the reason is that the images are lagging so my suggestion will be before putting the videos online it must be converted at 30 fps to have a better flow of the video.

We NEVER render videos at 23 fps, so don't know what you're seeing. Here's the stats from the uploaded chapter 1 video ...

  Name: 01.Allagash-Ops-Live-New-Sharon-ch-1-HD.mp4
  Type: AVC
  Size: 199.36 MB (204,147,826 bytes)

  Video: 00:10:09.709, 29.970 fps progressive, 1280x720x12, AVC
  Audio: 00:10:09.727, 48,000 Hz, Stereo, AAC

You will notice the video is rendered at the standard NTSC frame rate of 30 fps (29.970 fps to be exact). No 23 fps in sight.

Great video, good info on yard ops, very informitive and entertaining

Thank you .

As i have only been in the hobby for 3 years this one of the best videos i have seen it explained all about the yard master's job and what is his responsibility is ? I think I need to join a club . TMTV keep up the good work.

OPS Videos of any layout, any era, are by far my favourite to watch. it is the "end" result of all the efforts that go into building a layout. This group is well seasoned for sure on a spectacular layout, give this one a 5. Let's see if there are other groups out there that are lurking in the shadows that have not been discovered yet. Would make for a lot of fine programming content. 


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If there was a way to rank Model Railroads like the prototype I would definitely say The Allagash is a Class One Model Railroad. Not because of its size but because of its content. Everything about this Model Railroad accomplishes what all of us strive to achieve on each of our own layouts and that is producing a believable railroad in miniature. And for that I would say that this one is first class! Mike has certainly achieved a great accomplishment with this layout. Everything from scenery to operations makes it truly believable. I really hope MRH and TrainmasterTV will continue to showcase this layout in the magazine and video. - Tim Garland



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I can't think of anything else that could be said.

Extremely well done!

Bart Hollis


There's more Allagash coming in 2017. We took a break because we also want to avoid over-exposing any one layout, but in 2017 we have more Allagash coverage planned, starting with the Jan 2017 MRH - Return to Allagash country railfanning piece, sort of a follow-up to the Allagash railfanning cover story we did in Jan-Feb 2014. There's another Allagash scenery video series coming in 2017, both here and in the MRH Store. And there's still more besides!

Very nice. Love the ops sessions.


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More Allagash? That is always good news! I just love the "early" days, circa late 70's/early 80's when the Alco's are running around; this is my favorite era in railroading.

Just a thought, any chance you get this to work over/with ROKU? It'd be a lot more comfy on my aging back in my recliner than on this computer chair; just saying.