Ops Live 3 - Charlie Comstock's Bear Creek

10 May 2016

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01:11:40 - Visit the Bear Creek op session modeling Nov 10, 1952 (2007)

FROM THE MRH STORE DVD ARCHIVES - Presented in HD format for TMTV members!

Watch the train crews of Charlie Comstock’s HO Bear Creek & South Jackson operate their trains using one- or two-person crews and DCC on the modeled date of November 10, 1952. See actual prototype-based operating procedures and watch the yardmaster, dispatcher, helper crew, and train crews solve the issues as they occur on live unrehearsed video!

•FULL VIDEO, all chapters (72 minutes) ...


•Chapter 0 - Introduction - video preview and layout facts (4:09)

•Chapter 1 - Before the trains run - session orientation (3:59)

•Chapter 2 - Bear Creek Hauler West (6:18)

•Chapter 3 - Oakhill Turn and Hauler East (6:41)

•Chapter 4 - Bear Creek Express East and passenger local (8:06)

•Chapter 5 - Redland Transfer East and Reefer Express (8:08)

•Chapter 6 - The Mill Bend Turn (6:56)

•Chapter 7 - Dispatch, Redland Transfer and passenger extra (10:58)

•Chapter 8 - Mill Bend Turn and Redland Transfer meet (7:16)

•Chapter 9 - Bear Creek Express West (9:08)


I really enjoy watching the ops live videos. Something  that would be nice is a play all option so we could watch the entire video with out brakes.

I agree with darcykwine. It might be easier to just have a link to the next video in the series, at the bottom of the page. Keep up with the great videos. :)

I really enjoyed and learned from this video series. Great job!

OK, you got your wish. We added a set of Play full video buttons!

Wonderful videos and a really enjoyable ride on the BC&SJ. But the train crews and managers really set it apart. What's the matter, don't you love your dispatcher? 

Great ops video! It would be nice when playing full video to Chromecast only once, need to do for each chapter. Still a great video.

Be CVn ya






Thank you for posting the videos.  Always enjoy seeing how others handle ops sessions.