Ops Live 2 - Op session on Joe Fugate's Siskiyou Line

12 Jan 2014

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56:07 - Visit the Siskiyou Line op session modeling Aug 13, 1987 (2007)

Continuing the approach in our popular Op Session Live no.1 DVD, here's new live-and-unrehearsed video of the Siskiyou Line's October 2007 model railroad op session! This time, we focus on the operation of the trains from the vantage point of the main yard: Roseburg.

•Chapter 1: Roseburg yard - start of the session (4:24)

•Chapter 2: Adding a car onto the hauler (4:54)

•Chapter 3: Meanwhile at the yard west end (6:16)

•Chapter 4: Back at a very plugged Roseburg yard (10:24)

•Chapter 5: Unplugging Roseburg yard (9:51)

•Chapter 6: Roseburg yard begins second trick (5:11)

•Chapter 7: Out on the road ... (14:07)


This was interesting.  I am new to operations and this really help me to understand what the yard master does.  Along with part one,  I now have a new underestanding to the operatons.  Thanks for the informative videos


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enjoyed the ops session and really like the height of the layout

I enjoyed watching your operation session, keep up the great work.