Ops Live 1 - Op session on Joe Fugate's Siskiyou Line

17 Dec 2013

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61:18 - Visit the Siskiyou Line op session modeling July 12, 1987 (2007)

For the ultimate model railroad reality video, here's live unrehearsed video shot at an actual HO Siskiyou Line Op session! Watch as the operating crew runs model trains prototypically and solves the issues necessary to get trains over the railroad in a realistic manner.

•Chapter 1: Beginning of the session (2:50)

•Chapter 2: First train into Roseburg (2:08)

•Chapter 3: Siskiyou Line East gets water cars (3:56)

•Chapter 4: Siskiyou Line East needs track warrant (4:07)

•Chapter 5: Siskiyou Line East warrant problem (3:24)

•Chapter 6: The next train: Seagull East (1:55)

•Chapter 7: Following the Coos Bay Hauler (5:01)

•Chapter 8: Coos Bay Hauler traverses the branch (5:14)

•Chapter 9: Coos Bay Hauler arrives at Roseburg (5:40)

•Chapter 10: Coos Bay Hauler helpers, water cars (6:23)

•Chapter 11: Coos Bay Hauler leaves Roseburg (5:58)

•Chapter 12: Meanwhile, back in Roseburg (7:26)

•Chapter 13: Coos Bay hauler end of run (7:16)


Wow, very nice Joe.  The idea of a separate helper engineer is great.  I would have just consisted the engines, but you are adding to the operational complexity and upping the interest level to great heights. 

I am intrigued by your turnout controls, do you have a video or magazine article on them.  They look very positive and don't intrude into the aisleways. 



Keith, check out  - 1.6: Siskiyou Line - Turnout throw

What a great resource for model railroaders which I am now so glad to have access to.  Thanks.

Great to see! It shows how cramped the aisle space can become. I noticed, no sound equipped locos, how great! Just imagine the noise from the sound decoders mixed in with all the conversation on the head sets. Had at one time a couple of sound equipped locos, the sound was driving me mad!


Still relivent and full of OPs informartion. I plan lots of meets on my On30 around the room, switch back layout in the building process.
Charlie Aselin, Houston.