MRH Nov 2013 Sneak Peek - What's Neat

27 Oct 2013

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17:32 - Mike Morrison 3-day photoshoot with Ken Patterson (2013)

MRH's What's Neat this Week columnist, Ken Patterson, does a 3-day photoshoot with Mike Morrison, a true model railroading artist. Ken shows us MIke's O-scale and HO-scale models, as well as gives us a few surprises along the way. Can you spot the car-for-car comparison between the prototype and the model train on Ken's layout? Watch for it ...


This was a great video showing the weathering and especially the night shoot with engine exhaust.  Nice!  I do wish the video panning and zooming was somewhat slower.  I have always admired Ken Pattersons work and Mike Morrisons weathering is a must see.  Doug

Unable to view this video.

Firefox's latest browser update broke video access for some of our archive. Try a different browser - Chrome, Safari, and IE all work great.

I was able to view the video on IE.  Unable on FF as you said.  Thanks for the help.

Now I am checking into playing the videos on my Roku, with or without Chromecast.

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Weathered Alco's, what more does one need? Nice stuff!